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Teena Sharma
Embroiderer at Mysa

Meet Teena Sharma, a remarkable 20-year-old intern at the esteemed NGO, PANS (People for Advancement of Neighbourhood Society). Teena’s journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of skill development and perseverance. Trained by PANS as an embroiderer, Teena has become an integral part of the NGO’s commercial arm, ‘Mysa,’ all while pursuing her bachelor’s degree and making a meaningful contribution to her family in Ramsar Palawala village.

Teena’s journey is characterized by her unyielding determination and dedication. Her embroidery skills, honed through PANS’ training programs, have not only empowered her economically but also contributed to the success of ‘Mysa’ in creating exquisite handcrafted products. As a testament to her commitment, Teena efficiently balances her academic pursuits with her responsibilities at ‘Mysa,’ showcasing her ability to excel in both spheres.

Despite her numerous commitments, Teena approaches her tasks with an unwavering spirit of positivity and resilience. Her ability to create intricate designs with a deft touch highlights her artistic flair and attention to detail. Through her craft, she preserves and promotes traditional techniques while adapting them to modern aesthetics, a perfect reflection of her ability to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation.


Teena’s role in ‘Mysa’ is not just about personal growth; it also plays a pivotal role in supporting her family’s financial well-being. Her dedication to offsetting her family’s income burdens speaks volumes about her commitment to her loved ones and her community. Teena’s journey embodies the ethos of self-reliance and community upliftment that PANS stands for.

Beyond her impressive accomplishments, Teena remains approachable and humble, inspiring those around her with her quiet strength and determination. Her story resonates as an embodiment of the potential for empowerment that lies within individuals when provided with the right opportunities and support.



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